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Characteristics of seamless steel pipe production process

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  Seamless steel pipe production process: seamless steel pipe is mainly completed by tension reducing, which is a continuous rolling process of hollow base metal without mandrel. On the premise of ensuring the welding quality of the main pipe, the tension reducing process of welded pipe is that the welded pipe is heated to 950 ℃ and then rolled by the tension reducing mill (24 passes in total) to produce finished seamless steel pipes with various outer diameters and wall thicknesses.

  The hot-rolled steel pipes produced by this process are essentially different from the ordinary high-frequency welded pipes, The metallographic structure and mechanical properties of the weld and the parent can be completely consistent after heating in the heating furnace. In addition, the dimensional accuracy (especially the roundness and wall thickness accuracy) of the steel pipe is better than that of the similar seamless steel pipe by means of multi pass stretch reducing mill rolling and automatic control.

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