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Short term seamless steel pipe decline will continue

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  Affected by the weekend steel billet fell 70 yuan and the early long-term market plunge, today seamless steel pipe presents a depreciated operation situation. According to business feedback, under the influence of the overall situation, low-end users are not active in taking goods, and the market turnover ratio is low. In terms of future market, although the market of high-pressure alloy pipe seamless steel pipe was pulled up at the end of the day, the business sentiment did not improve.

  The first thing is to consider the demand of downstream users. At present, the market decision belief is still insufficient, it is estimated that the price of seamless steel pipe may still be weak in the short term. For raw steel surface, Tangshan billet quotation temporarily stabilized to 2720 yuan / ton. Today, the overall operation of the billet market is relatively sluggish. The mentality of merchants has not improved. The purchase of billets is still weak. The demand for cheap billets is still not good. The capital supply in the blank market is large and the market demand is relatively high. The price of short-term billet is weak. At present, Anshan carbon billet is 2710 yuan / ton; Tianjin common carbon billet is 2770 yuan / ton; Shanxi common carbon billet is 2710 yuan / ton; Zibo common carbon billet is 2770 yuan / ton, down 20 yuan. The import mine maintains stable operation, the general index rose by 2.15 US dollars on Friday, and Wuxi seamless steel pipe merchants are looking forward to rising gradually.

  As of last Friday, the average available days of coke, alloy refining pipe, imported iron ore and scrap steel were 9 days, 13.5 days, 22 days and 10.5 days, respectively. The decline of the market did not cause a large area of raw material inventory, and the available days of imported iron ore decreased by 1.5 days on a month on month basis, and the steel mills reduced or stopped mining iron ore to achieve the price reduction target. Short term ore market also have to grind, shipping options according to their own inventory adjustment. Zhai Qing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of protection, led the first sentinel group to Tianjin and Langfang City, Hebei Province to express sympathy to the strengthened supervision group. They gave the main instructions to strengthen the supervision work, and required the first and second round of strengthening supervision work to explain the smooth transition, so as to ensure the quality of supervision work. Environmental supervision has been going on, but the impact on seamless steel pipe is not as pleasant as expected.

  In the middle and late March, the price showed a downward trend. This is due to the current supply increase, businesses have reduced prices for shipment, and the market demand is weak. In recent two months, the price of adjustment, steel trading volume continued to be weak, indicating that the market is more cautious than decision-making belief. At the moment, the spot market trading is the best touchstone. In the weak demand environment, even if the supply side shows a reduction in production, it can not form the root base level to support the price rise. Steel enterprises increased sales pressure, accelerated the price of cash, spur seamless steel pipe fall. At present, the terminal demand is limited, and the willingness of the center business to take over the offer is low, and the transaction is still light after the reduction. However, the cooling of the real estate market and the recession of the processing industry have doubled the gloomy expectations of the future market, and the market has started a price war again. It is estimated that the decline of seamless steel pipe in Wuxi will continue in the short term.

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