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Analysis of domestic oil pipe market

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  This week, the inventory of oil pipe enterprises increased slightly, but there was basically no inventory pressure, and the market transaction situation was still good. Due to the strong price of coking coal, the coke enterprises were optimistic about the trend at the end of the month. With the reduction of the willingness of steel mills to receive goods, most coke enterprises said that production would be more cautious. Affected by the continuous downturn in the oil pipe market, the enthusiasm of steel mills in purchasing is weak, the coke inventory of domestic main coking enterprises is on the rise, and the mainstream price is weak and stable. According to the coking plant, after the Spring Festival, coke inventory is generally on the high side. Although the coke inventory of steel mills is running at a low level, there is no significant purchase at present, so the transaction situation is general. At the same time, compared with the end of last year, the operating rate of coking plant has been improved, so the inventory pressure of coking plant is still large. The domestic coke market continued to be weak and stable. Except for the secondary metallurgical coke in Handan area, the quotations in other regions were mainly stable, and the market turnover continued to be weak.

  It is expected that in the short term, although the North China market has recovered compared with the previous period, the sustained rise is still insufficient. There is little change in oil casing. During the week, the price of imported ore market increased slightly, while the iron ore market in Shandong and other regions did not follow this quotation. Due to the weak purchasing power of local steel oil pipe enterprises, the market price in Shandong could hardly be raised. Therefore, the overall market was stable. It is estimated that the market in East China will be in consolidation situation for the time being, with limited adjustment space. In the early part of last week, driven by the rise of finished oil pipe prices and the slight rise of iron ore prices in North China, some large mining enterprises in Liaodong region raised the ex factory price of iron ore by about 10 yuan, but the actual transaction price is still difficult to significantly increase, and the transaction situation is general. It is expected that the oil pipe market will have a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the short term.

  The macroeconomic data is not warm and not hot, and the boost to the oil pipe market is limited. Fortunately, the current stock of billet market is not large, and it is in the seasonal demand peak season. Steel mills and traders generally hold a cautious and optimistic attitude towards the future market. It is estimated that there is still room for rising billet prices in the short term. However, considering the poor overall environment, it is inevitable that there will be a correction in the process of price rise. This week, the mainstream of domestic injection coal market continued to maintain stability, many local coal mines are still in the holiday shutdown, the market is in the situation of price without market. Some of the local coal mines have not resumed work, and the supply of coal injection resources is insufficient. At present, the stock of injected coal in the steel plant is enough for its use during the Spring Festival holiday. The steel mills are also bearish on the later market. The purchase intention is not high in the near future and the transaction is poor. Because many coal mines have not resumed work for the time being, the injection coal market in many areas has been in a situation of price but no market. In the short term, oil pipe will continue to run smoothly.

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