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Recently the market price of oil pipeline first fell and then stabilized

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  This week, the market price of oil pipeline first fell and then stabilized, and the overall transaction was general. At the beginning of the week, under the influence of the sharp fall in the futures market, the market pessimism was strong, and the market quotation continued to maintain a weak position. With the iron ore price falling below $80, the cost support was also weakened, and businesses were mostly bearish on the future market, with strong willingness to ship, and the market price fell again.

  This week, the domestic hot-rolled plate price trend overall down. This week, the steel billet fell by a large margin, and the steel mills' funds were also tight at the end of the year. If the spot price of imported ore dropped more than 30 yuan / ton this week, the price of domestic ore in Shandong Province may continue to fall. The domestic coke spot market has been operating steadily, and the market mentality has been weakened by the recent steel billet drop. Now, the coke enterprises in all regions maintain the stable price shipping strategy, and the steel mills have a demand for the reduction of the purchase price. However, considering the obvious supporting role of the upstream coking coal market for the coke price, it is expected that the market will still maintain stable operation in the short term.

  The actual transaction still shows no signs of improvement, and it is difficult for the short-term market to improve. It is understood that some steel mills adjust the purchase price of steel-making pig iron at the end of the month. Due to the decline of steel market price in the early stage and the poor market demand, the demand for pig iron of steel mills has declined. Therefore, it is expected that the domestic oil pipeline market will mainly run smoothly in the short term.

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