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Inspection of physical method for thick wall spiral steel pipe

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  The physical test method is as follows

  1. Strength inspection of pressure vessels

  2. Compactness test

  3. Hydrostatic test shall be conducted for each steel pipe without leakage

  According to the quality inspection results of spiral steel pipe, spiral steel pipe is usually divided into three categories: qualified products, repair products and waste products. Qualified products refer to spiral steel pipes whose appearance quality and internal quality conform to relevant standards or technical conditions for delivery and acceptance; repaired products refer to spiral steel pipes whose appearance quality and internal quality do not fully meet the standards and acceptance conditions, but are allowed to be repaired and can meet the standards and acceptance conditions after repair; waste products refer to those whose appearance quality and internal quality are unqualified and are not allowed to be repaired or fail to reach the standard after repair And acceptance conditions of spiral steel pipe.

  Waste products are divided into internal waste and external waste. The internal waste refers to the waste spiral steel pipe found in the foundry or foundry workshop; the external waste refers to the waste found after the delivery of the spiral steel pipe, which is usually exposed in the process of mechanical processing, heat treatment or use, and the economic loss caused by it is far greater than that of the internal waste. In order to reduce the external waste, it is better to sample the spiral steel pipe for experimental heat treatment and rough processing before leaving the factory, so as to find the potential defects of spiral steel pipe in the factory as far as possible, so as to take necessary remedial measures as soon as possible. How to increase the stability of spiral steel pipe.

  Small and medium section steel, wire rod, steel bar, medium diameter steel pipe, steel wire and steel wire rope can be stored in well ventilated material shed, but must be covered on the top and padded on the bottom. Some small steel, thin steel plate, steel strip, silicon steel sheet, small diameter or thin-walled steel pipe, various cold-rolled and cold-drawn steel products and metal products with high price and easy corrosion can be stored in the warehouse. The site or warehouse for the storage of spiral steel pipe products should be in a clean and clean place with smooth drainage, far away from factories and mines that produce harmful gases or dust.

  Remove weeds and all sundries on the site and keep the steel clean. Large section steel, rail, steel plate, large diameter steel pipe and forging can be stacked in the open air. It is not allowed to stack together with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials which are corrosive to steel in the warehouse. Different kinds of steel should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and contact corrosion.

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