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The market of welded steel pipe has no further rising trend

2021-02-25 14:45:51   COMMENT:0 HITS:
  There was a wave of rebound in the domestic commodity market near the end of the day. In particular, black series welded steel pipe and iron ore futures rose strongly, short positions sharply reduced, and short positions stampeded on the market. Short term market strength is more psychological factors, welded steel pipe late rebound space may be limited.

  Recently, the welded steel pipe has been rocked higher. On Thursday, the main trading limit closed, and all contracts reduced their positions. Among them, the main contract 05 contract reduced its positions to 460000, resulting in short trampling on the market; From the fundamental point of view, although it has entered the off-season of construction steel sales, due to the low level of steel social inventory and steel factory inventory, the market supply and demand is acceptable, which forms a support for the welding steel pipe.

  Although the price of spot welded steel pipe fell more last week, most of the traders were mainly selling at reduced prices, and they went to the warehouse in good condition. In other words, the traders did not cause inventory accumulation in the process of the price decline of welded steel pipe, and the welded steel pipe plant also maintains low inventory management at present. This also means that there is not much room for the price of welded steel pipe to fall before the demand worsens further. In addition to the stimulus effect on the economy brought by the central bank's announcement of interest rate cut on Friday night, the welded steel pipe price rose again this week under the combined effect of repairing the price difference and macro benefits. However, there is little room for further growth of welded steel pipe market in the later stage.

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