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There are several production processes for seamless steel pipe

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According to different production processes, seamless steel pipe can be divided into four categories: hot rolled seamless steel pipe, hot expanded seamless steel pipe and cold drawn seamless steel pipe.
Hot rolled seamless steel pipe is that round steel is pierced into pipe blank by piercer, and then the pipe blank is set into specification outer diameter by hot rolling mill, so as to form the finished hot-rolled seamless steel pipe.
The process is simple and the price is relatively low, but the dimensional precision is not high. Domestic production technology seamless steel pipes with external diameter of 60mm to 600mm can be hot rolled.
Hot expanded seamless steel pipe is formed by using seamless steel pipe blank or finished seamless steel pipe to burn to more than 1050 ℃ in electric furnace and expanding to a certain outer diameter with alloy core. After being expanded into hot expanded seamless steel pipe, the wall thickness is thinner than the raw material, the length becomes shorter and the outer diameter becomes larger.
Cold drawn seamless steel pipe is a seamless steel pipe formed by drawing seamless steel pipe blank or seamless steel pipe finished product by grinding tool of cold drawing machine. It happens to be opposite to the process of hot expansion. The drawn finished pipe is longer than raw materials, thinner wall thickness and smaller outer diameter. The drawing process does not need heating. It can be formed at room temperature and annealed again. Sometimes it is not necessary to anneal.
The cold rolling process is also the same as the cold drawing process, which is produced at room temperature, but the cold rolling mill is different from the cold drawing machine. The cold drawing machine is formed at one time through the mold, while the cold rolling mill is formed gradually through the abrasive tools, so the production of the cold rolling process is slower than that of the cold drawing process.

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