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Maximum diameter specification of large diameter seamless steel pipe

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What is the maximum diameter of large-diameter seamless steel pipe? The production method of large-diameter seamless steel pipe is usually hot-rolled seamless steel pipe and hot expanded seamless steel pipe.
Limited by the process, the model and specification of heat expanded seamless steel pipe are larger, with a diameter of 325-1220mm and a wall thickness of 200mm.
It is a kind of finishing rolling process of raw pipe to expand the diameter of pipe by cross rolling or drawing. It is the development trend in the field of international pipe rolling to increase the outer diameter of steel pipe in a short time and produce non-standard and special seamless pipe with low cost and high production efficiency.
The steel of thin-walled large-diameter seamless steel pipe will not be subject to special heat treatment after hot rolling or forging, and will be delivered directly after cooling, which is called hot rolling or hot forging state. The termination temperature of hot rolling (forging) is generally 800-900 ℃, and then it will be cooled naturally in the air. Therefore, the hot rolling (forging) state is equivalent to normalizing treatment.
The common outer diameters of hot expanded seamless steel pipes are 351, 356, 377, 402, 406, 426, 480, 500, 508, 530, 550, 560, 600, 610, 630, 660, 700, 711, 720, 820, 920 and 1020 series.

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