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What are the standards for stainless welded steel pipes

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The standard of stainless welded steel pipe has the following eight points
1. Uses: pipe for mechanical structure, pipe for process fluid transmission, combined pipe for boiler and heat exchanger, other pipes for food hygiene, thin-walled drinking stainless steel pipe.
2. Product executive standard: astma554.
3. Product executive standard: astma778a312.
4. Product executive standard: astma249.
5. Product executive standard: GB / t12771.
6. Product executive standard: GB / 12771.
7. Stainless steel pipes are mainly used as fluid transportation, such as mechanical mechanisms, heat exchanger pipes and pipes for machining.
8. According to different purposes, the requirements for the five properties of national stainless steel pipes are different in my opinion, such as acid-base corrosion resistance, intergranular corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance, pitting corrosion resistance, climate corrosion resistance, high temperature and oxidation resistance.

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