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Treatment measures of potential safety hazards in oil pipeline storage and trans

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1. Effectively control pipeline corrosion
The erosion and wear of oil pipeline is an important factor affecting the safety of oil storage and transportation, which requires that the local environment should be fully considered in the process of pipeline design. The erosion of pipeline is more serious.
Effective preventive measures need to be found. For example, according to the characteristics of the pipeline, apply anti-corrosion coating and bury it deeply underground to strengthen the protection of the pipeline. At the same time, the water resistance, tensile elongation and bending resistance of the pipeline shall also be improved.
2. Improve safety management awareness
The smooth progress of enterprise safety management requires scientific safety management concept. To carry out training activities, managers need to actively participate in them, constantly strengthen their skills and knowledge level, safety awareness and responsibility awareness, and create favorable conditions for the development of oil pipeline storage and transportation safety management.
3. Strengthen the maintenance of oil pump
During the daily maintenance of oil pump, the following principles must be strictly followed. In order to improve the efficiency of oil pump operation, the installation position of oil pump should be reasonably selected, and this position is also required to help the oil pump to dissipate heat in time during operation and prevent cavitation.
During the running in process of new parts and old parts, liquid leakage is a normal phenomenon. When the liquid leakage problem disappears after running for a period of time, it means that the quality of parts and equipment is qualified. If there is still liquid leakage after running in for a period of time, the operation must be stopped and the replaced parts must be checked in detail.
During the operation of the oil pump, pay attention to whether it will produce noise. Once the noise occurs, it means that the oil pump has a problem and must stop working immediately.

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