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How to avoid wear of spiral steel pipe?

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  Spiral welded pipe generally refers to the spiral steel pipe with a diameter greater than 1m. Water pressure, bending, flattening and other tests shall be carried out for steel pipes. There are certain requirements for surface quality. Generally, the delivery length is 12M, and it is often required to deliver in fixed length.

  In the process of loading and unloading, the spiral steel pipe will inevitably be damaged.

  1. if the customer requires that the spiral steel pipes have no damage such as collision, the protective device can be used between the spiral steel pipes. Rubber, straw rope, fiber cloth, plastic, pipe cap, etc. Can be used for protection devices.

  2. packaging materials shall comply with relevant regulations. If packaging materials are not required, they shall conform to the intended use to avoid waste and environmental pollution.

  3. the spiral pipe shall be packed to avoid loosening and damage during normal loading, unloading, transportation and storage.

  4. if the buyer has special requirements for the packaging materials and methods of spiral steel pipes, it shall be noted in the contract; If not specified, the supplier can choose the packaging material and packaging method.

  5. the thin-walled spiral steel pipe can be protected by the support inside the pipe or the frame outside the pipe, because the wall is thick and thin. The same support and frame material as spiral steel pipe.

  6. if there are thread protectors at both ends of spiral steel pipe, thread protectors shall be used for protection. Apply lubricant or rust inhibitor to the threads. For the openings at both ends of the spiral steel pipe, nozzle protectors can be added at both ends as required.

  7. if spiral steel pipe is installed in the container, soft moisture-proof devices such as textile cloth and straw mat shall be laid in the container. To prevent the spiral steel pipe from scattering in the container, the protective support can be bound or welded outside the spiral steel pipe.

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