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Large diameter welded steel pipe

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  Large diameter welded steel pipes generally refer to welded steel pipes with a diameter of more than 1m. There are many welding forms, such as spiral welded steel pipes, straight seam welded steel pipes, and T-shaped welded steel pipes. Each of these welding methods has its own advantages, and corresponding welding schemes can be made according to different requirements.

  Generally, the pressure of large-diameter welded steel pipes is not large, which is below 1.6Mpa. The main transmission media are tap water, sewage, air, gas and other media.

  Its characteristic is that it can use narrow raw materials to produce large-diameter steel pipes, and has strong trafficability, convenient connection, low welding difficulty, high production efficiency and low price.

  The birth of large-diameter welded steel pipe has driven the rapid development of urban construction in China. Large diameter welded steel pipe has ultra-high cost performance and stability, which is unmatched by any other pipeline. Large diameter welded steel pipe has greater flexibility in the size range of diameter and wall thickness, especially in the production of high carbon steel.

  Large diameter welded steel pipe has the characteristics of high overall strength, long length and large bearing capacity. It is applicable to a wide range of high temperature, corrosion and transmission media.

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