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How to improve the welding speed of spiral steel pipe?

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  In order to obtain good surface quality pipe, spiral steel pipe is also necessary to fully cool the spiral steel pipe. Cooling method may choose to spray cooling liquid on the side of extrusion roll or through the central through hole of extrusion shaft for cooling. When Q235 Hot Rolled Welded 28 Inch Spiral Steel Pipe is welded at high speed, internal and external cooling method can be chosen.

  For the large number of diameter and wall thickness, a simple sliding slit guide piece may as well meet the requirements. For large diameter and thick pipe wall, the guide roll with rotating slot is usually chosen. Both types may supplement the vertical rollers and provide special control for the rebound of the service clothes.

  Otherwise, part of the high-frequency sensory current of the thick-walled spiral steel pipe will flow along the wrong path upward along the slit guide rather than downward along the V-shaped surface.

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