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How to weld spiral steel pipe

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  The production process of spiral steel pipe is relatively simple, not only the output power is relatively high, but also the manufacturing cost is low. So spiral steel pipe has been developed in many industries. So how to carry out welding operation when using spiral steel pipe?

  Before using API 5L X42 Large Diameter Ssaw Welded Spiral Steel Pipe, it is necessary to use deoxidizer to deoxidize, so that the number and size of impurities will be reduced during the operation of spiral steel pipe. It is important to know that spiral steel pipe is welded directly into spiral steel pipe by high frequency welding. The shape of steel pipe can be so round or so square.

  High frequency welding of spiral steel pipe is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction and the eddy current heat effect of communication charge in conductor, so that the edge of the weld can be heated to the melting state. In this way, the welding not only has beautiful shape, but also has good mechanical properties. The agent of industrial water cooler shows that the spiral steel pipe will form a piece after cooling. Sturdy butt weld.

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