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There is little room for further improvement in spiral steel pipe market

2022-11-16 14:57:31   COMMENT:0 HITS:
  Near the end of the domestic commodity market appeared a wave of rebound, especially the black series API 5L Ssaw Welded Spiral Steel Pipe and iron ore futures strong rise and stop, short sharply reduced positions, short stamped on the market. Industry insiders believe that the short-term market strength is more psychological factors, welded steel pipe rebound space may be limited later.

  Spiral steel pipe shocks in the near future, the main thread of the closing price, the overall reduction of each contract, including the main contract 05 contract reduction of 460,000 hands, a short stamp market; and from the basic point of view, although the current building steel sales will enter the off-season, but due to the steel social inventory and steel factory inventory in low position The supply and demand of the market are still available, supporting the period of spiral steel pipe.

  Although spot spiral steel pipe prices fell more last week, but most traders are mainly to reduce the price of shipments, and the state of depot is good. In other words, traders did not accumulate inventory during the decline in spiral steel pipe prices, and spiral steel pipe mills are currently maintaining low inventory management. It also means that there is little room for the price of spiral steel pipe to fall before demand deteriorates further, superimposed by the stimulus effect of the central bank's announcement of interest rate cuts on Friday evening. Rising pressure, the later spiral steel pipe market has further room for further improvement.

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