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Overall trend of oil pipe price

2019-05-16 15:33:11   COMMENT:0 HITS:
  1. This week's social inventory of oil pipe continued to decline and maintain a low level, without the conditions and momentum for a sustained decline, neutral;

  2. After the substantial adjustment of the spot price of oil pipe in November, the stage risk has been basically released. At the beginning of this month, the steel price needs rebounding repair, which is beneficial.

  3. At present, some steel mills have maintenance plans, and the supply is indeed decreasing. Prices do not have the conditions for a sustained sharp drop, so they are more profitable.

  4. At the beginning of the month, the pressure of oil pipe on the market's capital will be eased and the market will be more profitable.

  In summary, API 5CT 6 Inch Hot Rolled Oil Pipe is expected that the general trend of oil-specific pipe prices in December will be more declining or less rising. It is suggested that we should pay more attention to the less-moving or on-demand purchasing, and pay close attention to the weekly inventory changes.

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