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Detailed description of temperature resistance of seamless steel pipe

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There are provisions on the temperature resistance of seamless steel pipe. For example, the steel pipe of GB / t8163 standard is applicable to the pipeline with the design temperature less than 350 ℃ and the pressure less than 10.0MPa, and the pipeline medium is oil, oil and gas. When the design temperature exceeds 350 ℃ or the pressure is greater than 10.0MPa, the seamless alloy steel pipe of gb9948 or gb6479 standard should be selected;
Gb9948 or gb6479 standards should also be used for pipelines operating in hydrogen or working in environments prone to stress corrosion.
All carbon steel pipes used at low temperature (less than - 20 ℃) shall adopt gb6479 standard, which only specifies the requirements for low temperature impact toughness of materials.
According to GB / t20801 and tsgd0001, steel pipes of GB3087 and gb8163 standards shall not be used for GC1 pipes (unless ultrasonic is conducted one by one, the quality shall not be lower than l2.5, and the design pressure shall not be greater than GB3087 and gb5310 standards, which are specially set for steel pipes for boilers.
The standard is high and the price is high. The price of gb9948 is much higher than that of gb8163. Therefore, when selecting the steel pipe material standard, we should comprehensively consider the service conditions, which should be both reliable and economical.

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