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· The advantages and disadvantages of the production concept [2015-11-20 HITS:1]
The production concept emphasizes large-scale production at a low cost [READ]
·   Does stainless steel tarnish? [2015-11-19 HITS:0]
  Stainless steel is an alloy of chromium, iron, carbon and other metals. The chromium oxide helps to protect the metal from rust, tarnishing and discoloration. It is mixed with different alloys depending on the use. The stai... [READ]
·   How is stainless steel manufactured? [2015-11-19 HITS:1]
  Stainless steel is manufactured by mining chromite, converting the chromite to ferrochrome, melting the ferrochrome down with several other elements and putting the melted slabs through several temperature-regulation procedures [READ]
· How is iron converted to steel? [2015-11-18 HITS:1]
 The element iron is converted to the alloy commonly called steel by controlling the percentage of carbon in the product, which is usually 0.25 percent to 1.5 percent of the final alloy content. [READ]
·   What is black steel pipe? [2015-11-18 HITS:0]
Black steel pipe is steel that is not galvanized with a protective coat of zinc. Its dark color results from the iron oxide that covers it, and it is sometimes referred to as black iron piping [READ]
· pipe quality control [2015-11-17 HITS:0]
 pipe quality control  A variety of measures are taken to ensure that the finished steel pipe meets specifications. For example, x-ray gauges are used to regulate the thickness of the steel. The gauges work by utilizing two x... [READ]