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steel pipe factory Cladding process

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  Laser high power density, the laser processing system under NC control in designated parts of the surface of the substrate to form a thin layer of micro-melting, self-fluxing powder while adding certain ingredients, such as nickel, cobalt, and iron-based alloys, so that they are evenly spread in the molten state in the part surface and a predetermined thickness, a good metallurgical bond with the matrix metal micro-melting material, and only a small inter- dilution, in the subsequent rapid solidification process, part formed on the surface of the substrate is completely different, having a predetermined function of the special properties of the cladding layer of material, which can completely change the surface properties of the material, the surface can be obtained inexpensive high wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature properties. The process can repair holes and cracks in the surface of the material , you can restore worn parts geometry and performance.

  Seamless steel pipes are used in a range of applications in all different industries, including petrochemical, environmental, energy, fluid water, building and more. We can help you with the right products for your unique application.

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