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the steel market after the MING festival

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  According to the analysis, the overall prices were slightly up in the sheet market. A few days after theopening of the Ching Ming, plate prices continue to maintain the upward trend, but a half weeks after theprice immediately pulled back slightly. The trend of the major regions can be summed up in the word"insipid". The merchants in the market said that the steel market is still the old problem, "immediately afterthe price increases affect the volume. The industry's so-called "silver four" nearly half of the terminal needsyet substantial start, but still a high level of production of steel mills, merchants lose faith. "High-yield, low-demand pattern of the market is difficult to get rid of the consolidation trend. Hot rolled coil prices are alsohigh to low, is also involved in the transaction status, market soon emerged tired.

  The strong side of the construction steel market, the general price consolidation. Feedback of some businesses, the most helpless of downstream demand, the reaction was muted, rising prices and shrinking turnover, can only become more cautious business mentality, the offer to move closer to the low. According to the monitoring of the institutions, although the construction steel inventory down, but the total inventory ishigh, consumption will take time, steel prices continued upward momentum is still insufficient.

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