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Advantages of duplex stainless steel pipe

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  So-called duplex stainless steel pipe is a solid solution of tissue iron element in the bulk phase and austenite meet each half, generally at least phase content also need to reach 30% so it both iron element of stainless steel pipe and austenitic stainless steel pipe performance characteristics.

  Compared with austenitic stainless steel pipe, the advantages of duplex stainless steel pipe are as follows:

  The yield strength is more than twice as high as that of the conventional austenitic stainless steel pipe, and the yield strength is sufficient for the plastic toughness. The use of duplex stainless steel pipe production tanks or pressure vessel wall thickness than commonly used austenitic stainless steel pipe to reduce the cost of 30%~50%.

  2. It has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking ability, especially in chlorine ion in the environment, even with lowest duplex stainless steel pipe alloy is than that of austenite stainless steel pipe higher resistance to the ability of stress corrosion cracking and stress corrosion is common austenitic stainless steel pipe is difficult to solve the outstanding problems.

  3 in many media most commonly applied 2205 duplex stainless steel pipe resistant corrosion than ordinary 316L austenitic stainless steel pipe and super duplex stainless steel pipe with high corrosion resistance, some media, such as acetic acid, formic acid and can even replace the high alloy austenitic stainless steel pipe, and corrosion resistant alloy.

  We have adopted advanced production equipment and technologies to manufacture our ASTM A53 Seamless steel Pipes and Large diameter seamless steel pipes,which can not only improve product quality, but also save raw materials. Our products have high strength, good toughness and resistance to corrosion.

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