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Why to remove rust before anticorrosion of spiral steel pipe

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  In order to prolong the service life of most spiral steel pipe, anticorrosive treatment must be carried out. Why should it be removed before anticorrosive treatment? Apart from the treatment, it not only delays the construction period, but also costs a lot.

  We first understand the rust removal, rust removal is divided into two kinds: sand blasting and shot blasting: shot blasting is the use of high-speed rotating impeller to throw small steel balls or iron balls out of high-speed impact parts surface, so the oxide layer on the surface of parts can be removed.

  Sandblasting is a method that uses compressed air to blow quartz sand out at high speed to clean the surface of parts. Not only rust removal, but also oil removal, which is very useful for painting. It is often used to remove rust on the surface of parts.

  In this way, after rust removal, the surface of the API 5L Dn200-1200 Welded Spiral Steel Pipe is rough, and the oil dirt on the surface is cleaned. It has a certain adhesion to anti-corrosion winding and painting. It is difficult to effectively protect the spiral steel pipe from endogenous rust after anti-corrosion processing.

  The research shows that the service life of anti-rust spiral pipe after rust removal is longer than that of non-rust spiral steel pipe for more than 5 years.

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