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Operation process for seamless steel pipe outlet

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  Export goods tax rebate, referred to as export tax rebate, refers to the return of export goods to the product tax, value-added tax, business tax and special consumption tax actually paid in the domestic production and circulation links. Export goods tax rebate system is an important part of a country's tax revenue. Export tax rebate is mainly to balance the tax burden of domestic products by refunding the domestic tax paid for API 5L Grade B SCH 80 Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe, so that domestic products can enter the international market at tax-free cost and compete with foreign products under the same conditions, thus enhancing competitiveness and expanding export earnings.

  In March 1985, the State Council formally promulgated the Notice on Transfer of Regulations of the Ministry of Finance on Import and Export Products Taxation, Refund or Value Added Tax, which stipulates that the tax rebate policy for export products shall be implemented from April 1, 1985. Since January 1, 1994, with the reform of the national tax system, China has reformed the existing export tax rebate management measures of product tax, value-added tax and consumption tax, and established the export tax rebate (exemption) system based on the new value-added tax and consumption tax system.

  In the past, the tax rebate rate of seamless steel pipe was 5% and that of stainless steel 13%. At present, the Notice on Cancellation of Tax Rebate for Export of Some Commodities clearly begins on July 15. The tax rebate Department of export of 406 products including some steel, seamless steel pipe and non-ferrous building materials has chosen to cancel some exports at this time point. Tax rebate is to better accomplish the task of energy saving and emission reduction in the 11th Five-Year Plan. The central bank announced further foreign exchange reform. On the 22nd, the finance and taxation department issued a policy of abolishing the export rebate rate on a large scale, determined to solve the problem of unbalanced economic structure caused by excessive dependence on foreign trade. Sheng Guangzu, Director of General Administration of Customs, has pointed out that at present, China's dependence on foreign trade is 45%, of which the dependence on exports is 24.5%.

  The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a circular on July 22 that, with the approval of the State Council, 406 tax rebates on steel and non-ferrous metal processing materials will be cancelled from July 15, 2010. As can be seen from the list of goods cancelled by the two departments, this regulation is mainly aimed at some high-pollution and energy-consuming products.

  API 5L Customs Code of Seamless Steel Pipe is 73042900, API 5L is pipeline (pipeline is pipeline for oil and natural gas industry to transport oil, finished oil, natural gas and water).

  Procedures of Tax Rebate and Remittance Verification for Steel Tube Export: China Electronic Port Network - User Login - Enter Password - Recognize Internet IC Card Registration Procedure: 1. Online Purchase Card - Operate by Tips 2, Print Registry Form - Remittance 3, Successful Receiving Short Message Remittance 4, Login Registration by Short Message Account, Password Input Part I Steel Management, Commodity Inspection and Customs Declaration Information Part II Steel Tube Distribution and Rebate Operation Part III Steel Tube Export Tax Rebate Operation

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