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What is SSAW steel pipe

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  Double-sided submerged arc welded steel pipe is a new method of welding, using protecting slag, but the slag not electrode coating. It is special smelting flux. The flux system consists of a funnel installed through a pipeline to transport up to the front of the welding. The second point difference is the electrode, using wire, because the wire can be continuously sent; electrode, we burn a welding rod must have a welding head will give away, and the operation was stopped, to change the welding rod and then welding. Later changed to wire, used to send wire device and a wire reel and continuously send wire, this welding method is continuous feeding of wire, in under the cover of the melting of granular flux arc ignition, wire and base metal and flux of a partial melting and evaporation form a cavity, the arc is burning in the cavity inside the stable, so to call it the buried arc automatic welding. The arc is buried in the cavity. In this way, the first advantage is fully automated; second advantages, it is in the submerged arc welding under, so the heat exchange and its protection performance is relatively strong, the welding quality is relatively high; third of the advantages of the arc automatic submerged arc welding in welding buried in the bottom, so it can be used current, the welding efficiency is relatively high, recently our country is the west east gas pipeline project, the pipeline is a kind of high strength steel, the pipeline in the factory inside the first prefabricated section, and then get on the site, in the field of welding, the pipe in the factory to make the welding process is used for submerged arc welding, now submerged arc welding has become, double wire submerged arc welding, submerged arc welding and further improve the efficiency.

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