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Bearing steel tube knowledge

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  Bearing steel pipe is the hot-rolled or cold-rolled (drawn) seamless steel tube, for making ordinary rolling bearing. The external diameter of the steel tube 25-180 mm, wall thickness of 3.5-20 mm, divided into ordinary high accuracy and precision of two kinds. Bearing steel is used to manufacture of ball, roller and bearing steel. Bearing in work is to bear the pressure and friction greatly, so the requirement with high hardness and wear resistance and uniform bearing steel, and high elastic limit. The chemical composition of bearing steel, non uniformity of content and distribution of carbide, metallic inclusions distribution requirements are very strict, is one of the most stringent requirements of all kinds of steel in steel production.The physical properties of bearing steel tubeThe physical properties of bearing steel is mainly to check the decarburized layer, microstructure, non-metallic inclusions, low times microstructure based. Under normal circumstances are in hot rolled annealed and cold drawing annealing delivery. Delivery status should be indicated in the contract. Low times microstructure of steel must be free of shrinkage porosity, subcutaneous bubble, white spots and micro pore. Center porosity, general loose shall not exceed 1.5, shall not exceed 2 levels of segregation. The annealing microstructure of steel shall be uniformly distributed fine pearlite. Decarburization layer depth, non metallic inclusions and carbide nonuniformity should comply with the provisions of the corresponding relevant national standards.

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