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Main factors affecting the quality of steel pipe and quality control(二)

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  (3) the quality of tools

  Tool quality good and bad, stable or not, is directly related to realization of dimensional accuracy and surface quality of products and tools cost effective control; Plug the quality situation of surface treatment (chrome plated), one is the effect of steel tube inner surface affect the mandrel consumption and production cost.

  (4) the process of cooling and lubrication

  Piercing mandrels, roll cooling both affect the life quality, and impact on finished products inside and outside surface quality control. Quality of cooling and lubrication of the mandrel, first of all affect the quality of steel pipe's inner surface, wall thickness accuracy and mandrel consumption; At the same time, it will affect when rolling load.

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  (5) the workpiece surface impurities removal and control

  This refers to the rolling deformation before iron oxide on the surface of a capillary, arakawa tube inside and outside of timely, effectively remove and control of the oxidation again. For wool tube hole blowing nitrogen and borax spraying processing, steel pipe and fixed diameter (reduction) at the entrance of high pressure water descaling can effectively improve and improve the quality of interior and exterior.

  All in all, there are a variety of factors affecting the quality of steel pipe, and is often a combination of various factors. Therefore, must be the main influence factors for effective control. Only in this way can control the quality of the steel tube and produce a high dimensional accuracy, good performance and quality of the thermal expansion of steel pipe.

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