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Briefly introduction of Spiral steel pipe

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  spiral steel pipe is manufacture with hot rolled coil, the wall thickness is uniform and the tolerances is controlled at ±0.2mm or so, we cut the length and repair the bevel of the pipe two ends according to the United States APl standard or GB/T.1 standard.Compared with the submerged arc welding process, spiral welding process does not add any welding materials, weld molding has not been hot-melting state, the weld metal goes through the re-crystallization process, so the formed welding is completely the same chemistry as the base metal. The steel pipe after welding will be annealing, manufacturing cold forming internal stress, welding internal stress are improved, so Dn1200 Painting White Color Sawh Spiral Steel Pipes comprehensive mechanical properties is better. It's usually used for low and high pressure fluid conveying, such as water, gas, oil, nature gas and other fluids.Due to the high production efficiency, low cost, save material, easy to automate and other advantages, ERW steel pipe is widely used for aviation, energy, electric, automobile, light industry and other industrial area. At present, the ERW steel pipe occupies a great position in conveyance pipeline area of the world.

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