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The Making process of welded steel pipe

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  Internal and external coating steel pipe due to the inner wall of epoxy resin, so the surface smooth, reduce fluid resistance, reduce flow resistance, increase the flow, and not scaling, not easy to breed microorganisms. To solve the ordinary fire water supply pipe and weldeded steel pipe buried and water corrosion and scaling problems, will not occur clogging the pipeline and plug the phenomenon of the spray, the protective layer does not fall off, uplift, softening, blistering, cracking, peeling.

  Reduce the phenomenon of adhesion to improve the life of the fire water supply pipeline, while the fire inside and outside the coating steel pipe has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, water resistance and resistance to resistance, protein, high degree of foam fire extinguishing agent corrosion, Water, buried and acid, alkali salt corrosion of metal pipes; due to the use of heavy-duty modified epoxy resin is thermosetting plastic, and added a flame retardant, coating temperature is good. Can be used in 30 degrees -90 degrees long-term, and does not burn, do not soften, high strength;although the one-time investment in Hot-Dipped Galvanized Welded Steel Pipe Slightly higher, but the fire inside and outside the use of coated steel pipe to reduce the maintenance costs, eliminating the need to replace the pipe costs, from the operation, management and service life is far more economical in welded steel pipe.

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