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Technical requirements for oil pipe

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  The oil pipe furnace in hot rolling production line is to cut the qualified tube blank after tube saw cutting from room temperature (20 DEG C) to 1280± 5 temperature is used for piercing process of piercing unit. Annular furnace is the most ideal type of industrial furnace for heating round billets in the world at present. The furnace is characterized by that the furnace bottom is annular, and the oil pipe blank is rotated from the feeding end to the discharging end under the action of the bottom driving device, and then the billet is removed from the heating tube of the discharging furnace keeper by the discharging machine. In the process of pipe blank moving with furnace bottom, the qualified discharging temperature is achieved through the burner of furnace wall and furnace top, and the temperature uniformity requirement is met. In order to achieve the ideal heating quality, thermal control, API 5L welded steel oil pipe the circumferential direction is divided into several control areas, sequentially forming a preheating section and a heating section, each section can also be subdivided into uniform heating section, several control zones in order to improve the control precision.

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