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How to Test the Hardness of Seamless Welded Steel Pipe

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  When a seamless welded steel pipe is made of a tensile specimen, the tensile testing machine of the specimen will be pulled to the fracture. The mechanical properties of the tensile strength or more, yield strength, elongation and section shrinkage are usually measured only. Seamless welded steel pipe tensile test is a test method for metal materials. Almost all metal materials provide basic mechanical properties for tensile test as long as they require mechanical properties. Especially the hardness test and tension test of materials which are not easy to form are the only means to test mechanical properties.

  100mm Diameter Seamless Welded Steel Pipe hardness test is a rigid indenter hardness tester which is pressed into the surface of the sample slowly, and then the indentation depth or size is tested to determine the hardness of the material. Seamless welded steel pipe hardness test is the simplest, quickest and easiest method to test the mechanical properties of materials. Nondestructive hardness tests have similar values in relation to hardness and tensile strength values. The hardness of the material can be converted into tensile strength, which has great practical significance.

  Because the tensile test is not easy to test and the hardness strength is very convenient to change, more and more people and fewer hardness tests only test their own strength. Especially due to the continuous improvement and innovation of the hardness of seamless welded steel pipe manufacturing technology, some materials which could not be directly tested, such as seamless welded steel pipe, stainless steel plate and stainless steel strip, can now be directly tested for hardness. Therefore, there is a tendency to gradually replace the seamless welded steel pipe hardness test tensile test.

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