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The technical requirements for carbon steel pipes are the following

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  Geometry size including outside diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness. Also require control curvature radius. Such as the length of the radius of 1.5 d, then the radius of curvature must be within the tolerance range of required. Because most of the carbon steel pipes are used for welding, in order to improve the welding quality, end car into groove, leave a certain Angle, with a certain edge, this one is more strict, how thick and how much and deviation Angle for range has a regulation, geometry size is more than the carbon steel pipes for many items. The surface quality and mechanical properties of the basic and the pipe is the same.

  STR is a Group Company. Full name is Hebei Shengtian Group Reaguan Pipeline Co., Ltd, which mainly produce and export seamless steel pipes, spiral  steel pipes, welded steel pipes and oil pipes .

  In order to convenient welding, and is connected the pipe steel grade is the same. Fourth, is that all are through surface treatment of carbon steel pipes, iron oxide on the surface of the inside and outside the spray through shot blast off, then coated with anticorrosive paint. This is both for export purpose, moreover, to prevent corrosion in domestic is for the convenience of transportation, have to do this work. Fifth, is the requirement for the packaging, for carbon steel pipes, such as export, you need to do the wooden case, about 1 cubic meters, the specified number of bend in this case about no more than a ton, the standard allows suit, namely large sets of small, but the total weight not more than 1 ton. For bulk will be a single package, like 24 "must be a single package. Another is the packing mark, mark is to indicate the size, steel grade, batch number, trademarks, manufacturer. In carbon steel pipes to seal, and accompanied by the packing list and warranty document.

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