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Russia's stainless steel exports dow

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  Russian exports of stainless steel products in the January-February period of this year decreased by 61.4% year on year to 602 mt, according to Russia-based SpetsStal Association. In February alone, Russia'a stainless steel exports increased by 20.5% month on month to 329 mt.

  In particular, in February of this year, exports of stainless billets decreased by 78.3% to 5 mt, ERW stainless steel pipe exports went down by 48% to 13 mt, exports of flat products of stainless steel decreased by 16.1% to 99 mt, exports of seamless stainless steel pipes decreased by 17.5% to 33 mt and exports of long stainless steel products decreased by 23.7% to 45 mt, all on month-on-month basis.

  Russia's stainless wire exports rose to 125 mt in February of this year compared to 1 mt in January, while exports of pipe fittings increased to 9 mt in February compared to 1 mt in January.

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