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Fire Protection Measures for Seamless Steel Pipe

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  Seamless steel pipe usually loses its load-bearing capacity at 450-650 (?) C and undergoes great deformation, which leads to the bending of steel columns and beams. As a result, the seamless steel pipe can not continue to use because of excessive deformation. The fire resistance limit of unprotected seamless steel pipe is about 15 minutes. The length of this time is also related to the speed of heat absorption. Here are several fire protection measures for different seamless steel pipes.

  1. Outsourcing layer. The outer layer of seamless steel pipe can be cast in situ or sprayed. In order to limit shrinkage cracks and ensure the strength of the shell, the cast-in-situ solid concrete outer layer is usually strengthened by steel wire mesh or reinforcing bar.

  2.Water filling. Water filling in hollow seamless steel pipe is the most effective protection against fire. This method can keep the seamless steel pipe at a lower temperature in fire, circulate water in the seamless steel pipe, and absorb the heat of the material itself. Heated water can be recirculated after cooling, or cooled water can be introduced into pipes to replace heated water.

  3. Shielding. Seamless steel pipe is installed in the wall or ceiling composed of refractory materials, or the component is enclosed in the gap between two walls. The purpose of fire prevention can be achieved by adding a little refractory or not. This is the most economical method of fire prevention.

  At present, the number of high-rise 30 Inch Schedule40 Black Seamless Steel Pipe buildings is increasing, especially some super high-rise buildings, which use seamless steel pipe materials more widely. Once a fire accident happens in a high-rise building, the fire can not be extinguished in a short time. This requires us to increase the fire protection of building materials in architectural design, in order to enhance its fire resistance limit, and to formulate the necessary emergency plan within the building to reduce casualties and property losses.

  45 # seamless steel pipe is generally divided into different uses according to the different diameters and inner meridians. Choosing what kind of diameters and inner meridians should be clear about the diameters of 45 # seamless steel pipe and then choose them. In addition to the diameters, the selection of materials is also an aspect.

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