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Factors Influencing the Price Difference of Anticorrosive Welded Steel Pipe

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  Large-scale manufacturers of anticorrosive welded steel pipe offer higher prices than small-scale manufacturers, because large-scale manufacturers of anticorrosive welded steel pipe have strict production process, mature technology and guarantee after-sale, but some small heat preservation processing manufacturers do not have these; in addition, the most important thing is the difference in welded steel pipe raw materials.

  First of all, we talk about the polyethylene pipe jacket of the anti-corrosivewelded steel pipe. The polyethylene pipe jacket of the anti-corrosive welded steel pipe jacket is made of high density polyethylene. In the production of the polyethylene pipe jacket, the raw material and the secondary material (recycled material) are produced according to a certain proportion. The different proportions make up the pipe jacket. The price is high or low, the quality of the outer protective welded steel pipe mixed with the raw material is good, and the price is more expensive. The quality of the secondary material is worse, and the price is lower. The middle polyurethane foaming insulation layer is not too bad, but the better polyurethane foaming agent is more expensive, and the worse polyurethane foaming agent is produced. Thermal expansion and contraction will occur in the heat preservation pipe after long storage, which leads to the separation of the heat preservation layer and the outer sheath of the anti-corrosion welded steel pipe.

  Above is the main reason for different quotations of anti-corrosive API 5L SSAW Welded Steel Pipe manufacturers. As the saying goes, every penny is for every purchase. When purchasing anti-corrosive welded steel pipe, customers are advised not to pursue price inexpensively, nor to pursue quality blindly. It is not high price that is the best. After all, it is appropriate to buy something. Pipeline engineering is a major project for the benefit of the people. According to the actual situation, only by choosing the appropriate anti-corrosion welded steel pipe can we build the best insulation pipeline.

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