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Standard Classification of Spiral Steel Pipe

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  Pressure-bearing fluid transmission, using Spiral steel pipe SY5036-2000, mainly used for oil and natural gas pipelines;

  SY5038-2000 spiral seam high frequency welded steel pipe for pressure fluid conveyance is welded by high frequency lap welding method. It is used for pressure fluid conveyanceSpiral steel pipe high frequency Spiral steel pipe. The Spiral steel pipe has strong bearing capacity, good plasticity, and is convenient for welding and processing.

  In general, low pressure fluid transportation, Spiral steel pipe SY5037-2000 with spiral seam is used. The Spiral steel pipe for general low pressure fluid transportation, such as water, gas, air and steam, is made by double-sided automatic submerged arc welding or single-sided welding.

  The commonly used standards of spiral steel pipe are generally divided into: SY/T5037-2008 (Ministry Standard, also known as spiral submerged arc welded pipe for ordinary fluid transmission pipeline), GB/T9711.1-2008 (National Standard, also known as technical conditions for delivery of pipeline for oil and gas industry Part I: Grade A steel pipe (strictly required GB/T9711.2 B steel pipe), API-5L (American Petroleum Association, also known as pipeline steel pipe); which is divided into PSL 1 and PSL2. Grade 1), SY/T5040-2008 (Spiral Welded Pipe for Piles).

  Spiral steel pipe SY/T5037-2008 is the standard set by the Ministry of Petroleum, which is generally called the Ministry Standard.

  ASTM A106 Big Diameter 20 Inch 3PE Spiral Steel Pipe GB/T9711.1-2008 National Spiral Pipe, Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Pipe, Class A

  SY5039-2000 is a kind of spiral high frequency Spiral steel pipe for low pressure fluid conveying, which is made of hot rolled Spiral steel pipe coil and spirally formed at normal temperature. High frequency lap welding is used to weld Spiral steel pipe high frequency welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid conveying.

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