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Measure method of the length of steel pipe

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  According to manufacturer technical requirements of different, steel pipe length measurement system with the multiple length measurement method. Basically has the following kinds:

  1, grating measuring feet long

  The basic principle is: the steel pipe ends were set up two fixed length grating feet, using pneumatic rodless cylinders driving grating feet near the steel pipe ends, optical interference phenomenon of steel tube length measurement of realization.

  Features are high accuracy. But grating feet is expensive and difficult to maintain, the dust and the vibration is very sensitive.

  2, video camera length measurement.

  A camera is to use the length measurement and image processing realize steel tube length measurement, its principle is in steel conveying roller some period of equidistance installed on a series of photoelectric switches, in another section and light source and camera. When the steel pipe through this area, and may, according to a particular photoelectric switch through the camera image on the screen of the intake position to determine the length of steel pipe.

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