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General Requirements for Laying Seamless Steel Oil Pipe

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  1. Underground burial shall be adopted for Seamless Steel Oil Pipe

  2. Elastic bending, elbow or elbow can be used when Seamless Steel Oil Pipe needs to change its plane direction and adapt to topographic changes.

  3. When the ASTM A53 8Inch Seamless Steel Oil Pipe is bent by elasticity, the following requirements shall be met:

  (1) The radius of curvature of elastic bending should not be less than 1000 times the outer diameter of steel pipe, and should meet the requirement of self-sufficient pipeline strength. Elasticity of firmness to concave. The curvature radius of the bending Seamless Steel Oil Pipe should satisfy the deformation condition of the pipe under the action of its dead weight.

  (2) In the adjacent reverse elastic elbows and between elastic elbows and artificial elbows, the straight pipe should be connected in an inward direction. The inward length of the straight pipe should not be less than the outer diameter of the pipe and not less than 500 mm.

  (3) Elastic bending should not be used when both plane and rigid directions of seamless steel oil pipe have jurisdiction angles.

  4. When an elbow or elbow is used in an oil pipe, the temperature and internal pressure it bears shall be no less than that of the adjacent straight pipe. No shrimp neck elbow or fold elbow shall be used. The error of pipe butt installation {should not dry up 30%.

  5. The burial depth of buried seamless steel oil pipe should be based on the farming depth, frozen soil depth, topography and geological conditions, and groundwater of the farming area where the pipeline passes through.

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