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Application and Field of Oil Pipe

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  Oil Pipe can be used in excavator, loader, rollover, hydraulic boost, hydraulic support, cement conveyor, agricultural irrigation hose, hydraulic tubing of construction machinery, undersea natural gas transportation, oil transportation and other fields.

  I. Oil Pipe For the Coal Industry

  The main oil pipe used in coal industry are hydraulic support rubber pipes. In recent years, the pressure oil pipe requirement of some coal mine hydraulic support has been improved, and some steel wire braided hoses can not meet the performance requirements, requiring the use of steel wire wound oil pipe. In addition, in order to prevent coal dust pollution and improve production safety during coal mining, the variety of oil pipe used in coal mines has been increased, such as expansion oil pipe of seam water seeker and sealing device oil pipe, which are used for water injection and grouting in coal seams before fully mechanized mining in coal mines.

  II. Oil Pipe For the Petroleum Industry

  In the 21st century, China's offshore oil development strategy puts forward the emphasis on offshore and shallow oil fields. Therefore, in addition to drilling and API 5CT X43 Seamless Steel Oil Pipe, the oil pipe industry also requires the use of shallow oil pipe. Shallow-sea oil pipe have been produced in China, but floating or semi-floating oil pipe and deep-sea oil pipe still rely on imports. With the implementation of China's offshore oil development strategy, the requirements of offshore oil exploitation on the performance of oil pipelines will continue to improve.

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