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How to Identify The Poor Quality Welded Steel Pipe

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  Welded steel pipe regularly appear quality problems in the production and use. So we need to identify the  quality of weld steel pipe, in accordance with a certain way and performance testing, can be used in the actual use of an important role. Then how to identify fake weld steel pipe method: there often are pimple phenomenon in appearance. In general, the overall effect of weighing will be better, mainly taking into account the cumulative error and probability theory of this problem. Pitted surface is due to the serious wear and tear caused by the uneven appearance of weld steel pipe irregular irregular flaws. Poor quality weld steel pipe is easy to produce burrs, because some inferior manufacturers have tinpot equipment. Generally, burrs will scratch the appearance of 1/2 inch--10 inch Black Welded Steel Pipe sand is easy to fold, the tendons are thin and low. and often appear full of dissatisfaction with the phenomenon. The reason is that the manufacturers to achieve a large negative tolerance, waste a few Road before the reduction of the amount of large, iron type is small, well filled dissatisfaction. Prone to crack. The reason is that the blank is the adobe, the adobe pores and more, adobe in the cooling process due to the role of thermal stress, cracks, after rolling there are cracks. As the shoddy weld steel pipe manufacturers to pursue profits, often rolling the most rolling standard. Appearance easy to produce scar.

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