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The advantage of seamless steel pipe

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  Seamless steel pipe is manufactured with general carbon structure steel, low-alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel. Is strictly manufactured according to the ASTM, cold rolled(cold drawn) pipe outer diameter of 5~200mm. The wall is 2.5~200mm thick. The outer diameter of hot rolled pipe is 32~630mm. Wall thickness 2.5~75mm. There are no cracks, ionosphere, rolling, folding, hairline and scar defects in the inner and outer surface of the steel pipe.

  A number of 304 Stainless Seamless Steel Pipe used for oil, gas, water and other solid material transportation. Compared with the solid steels such as steel pipe and round steel, the seamless steel pipe is lighter than the other same strength steels and it's an economical hollow cross-section steel pipe. The seamless steel pipe not only can transport the fluid material, but also widely use for manufacturing the general structure and mechanical structure, such as oil drill pipe, auto sem-shaft casing, bicycle frame, structural parts and mechanical parts, it can improve the utilization of materials, simplify manufacturing processes, save materials and working hours.

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