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End demand for welded steel pipe prices has not improved significantly

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  At the end of the month, the pressure of steel traders also showed very weak thoughts on the very price. After all, when the end of the month comes, most of the merchants are under the pressure of drawing money from the API 5L X42 Seamless Welded Steel Pipe. Under the pressure of capital return, it is inevitable to loosen the operation of moving goods. In addition, the raw materials continue to weaken. Therefore, this is very unfavorable to the recent trend of welded steel pipe prices.

  It is the most embarrassing situation that steel prices can not enter a rebound period when the macro-level is good. Once the economy weakens again, the pressure steel prices are facing can be imagined. As for why the macro-level of welded steel pipe price can not drive the steel price to rise, we believe that this is still related to the weak demand side of the steel industry, we know that the downturn of the real estate industry has a great drag on the welded steel pipe market. However, in recent years, in real estate, the relaxation of real estate restrictions and government repurchase of commercial housing for housing resettlement shows that the real estate rescue started, which is good news, but as to whether the market can be boosted, we still have to see the specific implementation of the latter.

  At present,welded steel pipe prices continue to hover at the bottom of the price, reluctant to fall, lack of hard reasons for rising, so we can only wait for opportunities in the continuous narrow consolidation, the market is in fact very painful. The terminal demand of welded steel pipe price has not improved significantly, and the shortage of funds has restricted the speculative market in the early stage of welded steel pipe price; the tangled market of concussion and consolidation is hard to break; although the expectation of steady growth is high, it can bring the welded steel pipe price to what height, the bottom gas of welded pipe price market is seriously insufficient; the businessmen are eager to "profitable shipment, bagging" For safety, there is a temporary lack of opportunity.

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