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What is the heat treatment process of welded steel pipes?

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  Before electrochemical polishing, welded steel pipes must be completely degreased and scrubbed with detergent powder to avoid oil pollution in polishing bath. It is necessary to continuously measure the relative density of electrochemical polishing fluids during use. Before the welded steel pipes enters the electrochemical polishing bath, it is preferable to drain or dry the moisture attached to the welded steel pipes. If the relative density is too high and exceeds the prescribed value of the formula, indicating that the water is too low, a small amount of water should be added appropriately to reduce the relative density to the prescribed value.

  1. Welded steel pipes packaging should prevent loosening and damage in normal handling, transportation and storage.

  2. If the buyer has special requirements for the packing materials and methods of welded steel pipes, they should be specified in the contract; if not, the packing materials and methods should be selected by the supplier.

  3. Packaging materials should conform to the relevant rules. If there is no requirement for packaging information, it should meet the intended purpose to prevent wastage and form environmental purification.

  4. If customers require ASTM A53 GR.B Schedule 40 Welded Steel Pipe not to be damaged by bumping on the surface, they can consider the use of maintenance and installation between welded steel pipes. Maintenance and installation can use rubber, straw rope, fibre cloth, plastic, pipe cap, etc.

  5. Thin-walled welded steel pipes can be maintained by internal support or external frame because of its thick wall and thin wall. The data of the bracket and the outer frame are made of steel which differs from that of thewelded steel pipes.

  6. Welded steel pipes is packed in bulk. If customers require bundling, they can think about it at their discretion, but the caliber must be between 159MM and 500MM. The bundled materials are packed and fastened with steel strips, each of which should be twisted into at most two strands, and excessively added according to the outer diameter and weight of the welded steel pipes to avoid the occurrence of slackness.

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