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Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Elbow

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Seamless elbow: elbow bend pipe is used for a fitting. In the pipeline system used by all pipe fitting, the largest proportion, about 80%. Usually, for different materials or wall thickness of the bend choose different forming process. At present, the factory commonly used seamless bend forming process have hot pushing, pressing, extrusion, etc. A. hot pushing forming

  Thermal push elbow forming technology is to use special bend push system machine, core mold and heating device, which makes the filmon the mould of billet in push system machine driven forward movement, in motion is heating, expanding and forming process. Thermal push elbow deformation features is according to the metal material plastic deformation volume before and after the law determine tube billet diameter, the tube billet diameter less than bend diameter, through the core model control billet deformation process, make the inner arc place compressed metal flow, compensation for expanding and reducing thin other parts, thus obtains the wall thickness of the bend.

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