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Stainless steel

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People usually use a magnet to absorb stainless steel, to verify its merits and authenticity. If there is no suction that is good, attract each other, is fake. In fact, this way is not proper. It is a very one-sided, not practical error identification method.
Stainless steel according to the organizational structure can be divided into several categories:
1 austenitic: such as 304, 321, 316, 310, etc.;
2 martensite or ferrite type: such as 430, 420, 410, etc.;
Austenitic is no magnetic or weak magnetic, martensite or ferrite is a magnetic.
Often used as a decorative stainless steel is the most of Austenitic 304, generally speaking is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, but because the smelting caused by fluctuations in chemical composition or processing status of the different magnetic properties may also appear, but this cannot think is fake or substandard, it is what reason?
Austenite is the above-mentioned non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, and martensite or ferrite ferrite is magnetic, as a result of smelting segregation or thermal improper treatment, resulting in 304 austenitic stainless steel in a small amount of martensite or ferrite ferrite structure. In this way, the 304 stainless steel will have a weak magnetic.
In addition, 304 stainless steel after cold processing, the organization will also be transformed into martensite, cold processing deformation degree, the more martensite transformation, the greater the magnetic properties of steel. Like a lot of steel, the production of outside diameter of 76 tubes, no obvious magnetic induction, the production of 9.5 outside diameter. Because of cold bending deformation of large induction is obvious, producing rectangular tube due to deformation than the cylinder, especially the angular part of the more intense magnetic more obvious deformation.
In order to completely eliminate the magnetic properties of the 304 steel which is caused by the above reasons, the high temperature solution treatment can be opened to restore and stabilize the austenite structure, thereby eliminating the magnetism.
To put forward, magnetic properties caused by the above reasons of 304 stainless steel, and stainless steel and other materials, such as 430, the magnetic steel completely not the same level, that is to say of 304 stainless steel magnetic always showed a weak magnetic.
This tells us that if the stainless steel with weak magnetic or completely without magnetic, should be identified as 304 or 316 materials; if the carbon and carbon steel, showing a strong magnetic, due to the distinction is not the 304 material.
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