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Production Process of Seamless Steel Pipe

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  The method is to use a bad oblique rolls perforated tube, and then rolling it extends. This method of producing fast, but higher on the tube workability requirements, mainly for the production of carbon steel and Ss 316L Cold Rolled Stainless Seamless Steel Pipe. After the rule is perforated tube or ingot perforation machine, extruder and then extruded into pipe, this method is lower than the efficiency of cross rolling method is suitable for the production of high-strength seamless steel pipe. Cross rolling method and extrusion billet or ingot must first heating, production of cold-rolled steel pipe called. Produced by thermal processing of the cold pipe may sometimes be needed then. Cold working in two ways: one is the drawing method, the pipe is drawn through a die to extubation, the seamless steel pipe is tapered, elongated; Another method is to cold rolling. The seamless steel pipe cold working of steel can be improved dimensional accuracy and finish machining, and the like to improve the mechanical properties of the material.

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