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Oil Pipe of excess capacity

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  Oil Pipe of excess capacity, have to adjust breed structure, eliminate backward production capacity and high quality R & D products. Experimental research proved: implementation can control phase transformation, grain refinement microstructure control cooling process in the production of oil pipe in cooling process, thereby improving the mechanical properties of oil pipe. Therefore, development of ASTM A106 Seamless Steel Precision Oil Pipe rolling after the research on performance change different cooling system pipe organization has important significance and application value. The oil pipe with a larger profile section size and specification ranges, so that it is facing more variables and control the implementation of online heat treatment, which makes the implementation and application of controlled cooling process in the production of oil pipe is greatly constrained.

  The temperature change curves of first using the standard test method for determination of steel probe at different cooling medium conditions, calculate the relationship between surface heat transfer coefficient and the temperature of the workpiece in the cooling process of steel probe according to the basic principle of inverse heat conduction method. Then, divided method to set up a steel pipe cooling temperature field in the process of organizational transformation and stress can predict system performance using finite difference, state of organization and mechanical properties of different cooling conditions of oil pipe is analyzed. Finally, analyze test pipe air cooling process, mechanical properties of temperature data of different time and cold steel was determined, the calculation results are in good agreement with the measured data. The results of this study can be a seamless steel tube to provide basic data of controlled cooling.

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