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How to prolong the life of seamless steel pipe

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  People are exposed to more chemicals than maths or even biology. In the air, people are carrying out all kinds of chemical reactions all the time. Although they are not harmful to human body, in some ways, such chemical reactions can be said to be a chronic killer. The common chemical corrosive reactions in life, of course, are gold. It belongs to the reaction mode with water and oxygen in the air. Many metal pipes can not stand such corrosion, resulting in a lot of life reduction.

  But now the use of ASTM API 5L X80 Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe began to increase gradually, seamless steel pipe and metal pipe of course there is a clear difference in the material of the pipe, seamless steel pipe can only be used to slow down the time of rusting, if really to extend the life, or to do a good job in the basic maintenance and anti-corrosion measures in peacetime.

  Of course, the national distance pipeline laying, in some places where there is no smoke, seamless steel pipe is prone to problems. The basic measure of anti-corrosion is to apply a thick layer of anti-corrosion paint on the surface, which is often seen in real life. If there is a place of paint, it will isolate the air. Of course, seamless steel pipe can also be used continuously, once rust occurs. It will accelerate the aging of the seamless steel pipe, so it will be very tired to renew and replace once, and it will take time and non-human and financial resources, not a long-term solution.

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