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How to deal with the rusting of seamless steel oil pipe

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  The carbon content of iron as the main element is below 20%, and there are many other metal materials. Generally speaking, the biggest difference between seamless steel oil pipe and iron is the content of carbon element. It should be said that API 5L GR.B Petroleum Seamless Steel Oil Pipe is more durable than iron. Although this seamless steel oil pipe is not easy to rust, it is really very difficult to be eroded. If it is eroded, it will not be carried out in time. Handling, it is easy to be eroded by these emotions slowly, so that it loses its original function, and even picked up will feel that he is particularly brittle, once the seamless steel pipe rusted, what should be done?

  If the seamless steel oil pipe is rusty, the treatment method will basically clean it. In the waking process, some solvents should be used to clean it. This method is only suitable for some auxiliary anti-corrosion measures, and can not really remove the traces of rust. At the same time, before cleaning, the surface of seamless steel oil pipe can be cleaned with brushes or wire balls and other tools. If the oxide scale is loosened, it will be corroded again in the process of rust removal if the relevant anti-corrosion measures are not done well.

  Pickling is also the most important rust removal method in the process of seamless steel oil pipe rust removal. Generally speaking, chemical or electrolytic methods are used to treat pipeline corrosion. Chemical direction is used to clean pipelines. Although this method can achieve a certain degree of cleanliness, it is very easy to cause pollution to the environment. In order not to destroy the environment, it is not recommended that everyone do so. In this way, some jet treatment is needed in this respect.

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