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Applications of Seamless Steel Pipe

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  Seamless steel pipe is manufactured from solid, round steel billets that are pierced through the center with a mandrel. The billet is rolled and stretched through a hollow billet until it reaches a customer’s specification. Because of its uniform shape and ability to withstand pressure and heat, seamless steel pipe is an ideal material for many industries.

  Hebei Shengtian Group provides a variety of seamless pipe to meet your application needs, offering a large selection of sizes and lengths.

  Benefits of Seamless Pipe

  Seamless pipe provides a variety of benefits, depending on your application. They perform well in harsh conditions, meaning they can be used in extremely cold or hot conditions. Because of these benefits, seamless steel pipe is the preferred material in an array of commercial pipe applications.Ability to withstand high amounts of pressure;Uniformity of shape;Reliable strength under loading

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