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Why use molybdenum plug when making seamless steel pipe?

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Stainless steel seamless pipe is an indispensable material in today's national economic life. Therefore, molybdenum plug will continue to play an important role in the threading and rolling of stainless steel seamless pipe.
Molybdenum plug is a consumable workpiece for threading stainless steel seamless pipe. With the increasing scarcity of molybdenum resources and the rising price of molybdenum, improving the service life of molybdenum plug and the comprehensive yield in the production process is still the subject of molybdenum plug research.
1. Production process of molybdenum plug
The production process of molybdenum plug is basically the same as that of other metal powder metallurgy, including milling, forming, sintering and other processes. However, the control indicators in the production process are different.
2 main technical indexes and corresponding control measures. The powder of molybdenum plug is made in the form of molybdenum based alloy. The addition of various additive powders has an effect on the performance of molybdenum plug during sintering or after alloying.
When batching, the powder shall be prepared in strict accordance with the formula requirements. In order to mix the mixture evenly within the specified time, the additive powder to be added shall be mixed evenly with a small mixer according to the dosage of each batch before batching. The proportion and function of various additive powders are different.

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